» 21 Day Blogging Challenge

21 Day Blogging Challenge

How to survive a very emotional week

Thank you for joining me today. I am sorry I have not been very communicative this week but I have been going through a very emotional week.

How My Friend Has Changed My Life

After meeting Heni our lives changed dramatically. Heni bought fun back into our lives. Her personality is bright and sunny as you can see from this photo and she got us doing things like swimming that we had not done for years.

Listen to your daily fix anywhere by doing these two tips

Today I have come across the issue of trying to listen to audio in the car. I tried listening using my phone sitting on the seat next to me but it only needed a touch and the audio stopped and it was not really clear enough for me when driving. So I have been thinking about the places I want to be able to listen to audios and how to make it happen.

Unexpected Changes- preparing for a funeral

As a result the last couple of days have been busy doing funeral preparation. It is amazing the information that is needed on the Death Certificate.

3 Great Positive Music Videos

Recently some very powerful videos have been released in the music industry and these are just some of my favourites

Dreaming About Changing the World

What do you dream of? What do you want to do with your life?

I am dreaming of being financially independent, by helping others to achieve their dreams. I am dreaming of being able to do what I want during the day on my own timetable with my husband.

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