My Daily Empowerment

Law of Connectivity| How we can affect the people around us.

One of the things William said in his talk about the law of connectivity is that everyone around you is effected. If you start blaming (government, your partner, boss or anything) then it is a symptom that your own stuff has been stirred up. When you are blaming others the law of attraction comes into play and you end up attracting others that feel the same way as you. An external event causes the internal events (self-talk, anger etc.) to be projected. It is really easy to blame. The world simply reflects your feelings back at you. When blame comes up, point the finger at yourself and start clearing it out.

Ways to change your energy |Raising your emotional Temperature

I am seeing a lot of things at the moment about raising your energy, I believe it is something that is making itself known to me at the moment and so something I need to work on.

Emotional Temperature | Where are you on the emotional Temperature scale?

The other day I was watching a talk that William Wood did at the January “Generation Hero” event and he Continue Reading

The power of TED talks |Inspiration, Motivation and knowledge

I have known for years that they are a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration but have not really sat down and watched them before. We are doing this instead of watching TV and it is so much more powerful.

Recently we have decided it is time to get rid of our satellite TV service and have starting using Chromecast to watch other stuff and this has opened up a whole other side to watching. I am constantly amazed at the things my husband finds for our viewing pleasure

Behind the Scenes | Wellington My City

This is just a simple place about my City – Wellington. Showing some of the pictures I have taken about living in Wellington

Have Fun | Are you having Fun?

What kind of life are you living?

Are you having fun? Are you making the opportunity to have fun in your life?

If you are not having fun in your life, then you might be feeling that life just isn’t worth living. You need to make sure that no matter is what is happening to you you have to make time to have fun.

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