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Behind the Scenes | Wellington My City

This is just a simple place about my City – Wellington. Showing some of the pictures I have taken about living in Wellington

Have Fun | Are you having Fun?

What kind of life are you living?

Are you having fun? Are you making the opportunity to have fun in your life?

If you are not having fun in your life, then you might be feeling that life just isn’t worth living. You need to make sure that no matter is what is happening to you you have to make time to have fun.

Gratitude | Are you showing gratitude?

Something you may not know about me is that my husband and I have been involved in the Pro-Wrestling circles in New Zealand for at least 20 years. My husband has been a Referee, a Wrestling manager, and also Commissioner for a Wrestling company. I have been in front of house, and also back-stage roles. As a result of this history when we see Wrestlers leaving the big shows like WWE it really effects us.

Recently “Daniel Bryan” one of the younger wrestlers we have been watching for years has had to retire from in-ring wrestling because of too many concussions. The thing that really struck me was he was the gratitude he showed for everything he had been able to achieve. The thing he said he felt most strongly after he had gone through a lot of emotions was Gratitude.

Go Strong | Go Hard

To me this ad is very powerful. It is saying if we set our minds to it we can do anything. I am constantly amazed at how the advertising in New Zealand is changing to more of a you can do it, and we are here to help you succeed way of looking at things.

It talks about having a desire so strong to complete something that you will do anything to make sure you complete it.

Empower Network | Why I joined the Empower Network

I originally joined the Empower Network a year ago and I went all in immediately. To me this was just what I had been looking for. When I came across it I hadn’t really been thinking about a different business but this just struck me as the one I had to follow through on.

This is the first business I have totally and completely committed myself to and I love it.

People I admire | Shows I admire

Who do you admire? What sort of person makes you proud to be a part of the human race?

What sort of TV shows give you a real feel good feeling?

One of the things I have always dreamed of doing is working with an organisation like Habitat Homes to help a needy family build their own home so the concept of the Home Free show was really fantastic to me.

My Story | Who is Leonie Henskie Part 5

In this blog I discuss the last few years of events that have been happening in my life and come to where we are today.
Today we discuss, deaths, Joy and sorrow and redundancies.

My Story | Who is Leonie Henskie part-4

This was my first overseas trip since my 21st so I was really excited. We flew to Brisbane and then caught the train to Surfers Paradise where we had an apartment for a week. We did three days of Conference meeting many of the leaders and picking up lots of information not just on the business itself but that could be transferred to life in general. When the Conference was over we then had the most amazing holiday.

My Story | Who is Leonie Henskie? Part 3

I have been thinking more about this and reading Brendon Burchard Millionaire Messenger it has made me think of putting a lot of more detail into my adult life as really so much has happened.

Events that stand out and I am going to go more into more detail for me have been generally related to dealing with sick people. I can also talk about rescue training I have done as well.

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